Smarter Tools is a joint venture between three of the largest power tool, power equipment and automotive accessories manufacturers in the industry. Together we draw from our combined capabilities, competencies, and resources to bring more value to the market. Our corporate office is headquartered in Ashland, VA. In addition, we have numerous production facilities and offices in China, as well. Our manufacturing capabilities include but are not limited to air tools and accessories, automotive accessories, LED, fluorescent, and halogen lighting solutions, painting equipment and sundries, portable gasoline pressure washers, welders and welding equipment, portable gasoline and natural gas generators, battery chargers, and portable gasoline water pumps. We are continuously expanding our product portfolio to meet the needs and requests of our customers and the market. Our dedicated and skilled engineers provide the technical expertise to ensure that we produce efficient, economical, and the most durable products for each application.

We design, test, and manufacture to stringent quality control standards from the raw materials to the finished product. Smarter Tools' electrical products bearing the symbols of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) or Canadian Standards Association (CSA) are listed by their testing laboratories as having complied with their standards. Our gasoline and diesel powered products meet EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or C.A.R.B. (California Air Resource Board) requirements. The globally recognized quality system standard was prepared by the International Standardization Organization (ISO), and Smarter Tools is committed to the ISO Quality of Standards. Smarter Tools ' manufacturing facilities are certified to meet ISO 9001 standards.

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities we offer product design and development, packaging design, support material generation, factory assessment, logistics, production management, product testing, quality control, shipping coordination and distribution.

Smarter Tools continually strives to build and solidify our relationships with our customers. Our management, sales, customer service, and sales support teams are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction, long-term relationships, and providing the most complete and professional service possible. Our customers come first and foremost, and each and every person at Smarter Tools will stop at nothing short of meeting all needs and requirements of our business partners.

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